Kathleen Wright has been designing jewelry & doing henna art and for more than 15 years , she started selling and making jewelry while living in New York City fifteen years ago and now lives in Miami Beach where she is still running he

rCtPabEHpZoZWLIzQQjURISaMUUqy7uvPsF0kfLiRQmk,YUcPZuhHs5SRMU5YKXMLqea8GSRYK9EQSUScp6sVe_U retail and wholesale business. She also does henna for events and teaches the art in seminars and for professionals as well.

She offers all sorts of party entertainment besides her many body art services that you can find on her website below or on her events page on fb, www.facebook.com/kathennaevents.

She has a passion for trends but loves to incorporate in her vast line all the classic elements as well being able to offer a large variety of styles for a large demographic

Market.. She now makes what she loves to wear herself like natural stones and beads incorporated with other elements as well.

Her favorite line she has updates over the years is inspired by travel to Asia , turkey, Morocco and other exotic places and what she’s passionate about . She calls it YOGA Jewelry or The Zen line due to her love for Asian Cultures like India, Tibet, China etc. this line consists of tons of spiritual icons

Like Buddha, the Hamsa, protective eye, along with beautiful beads made from natural stones . carved charms , and much more.. It’s price points vary from low to high end and the line can be customized for retailers as well.

Kathleen sells her jewelry and shares her craft nationwide and exports to some countries over seas and to the Caribbean as well. She also is a permanent makeup artist and specializes in a natural organic technique that has the most natural results.