Permanent Makeup

                                             Now you can make a lasting differance in your
appearance simply and safely!. We offer The most natural results you can find in this industry with Softap Permanent Makeup done with a safe handtool method with hypoallergenic pigments and the semi permanent technique called Microblading 3d Brows Please see Below!!


                FB_IMG_1477393443255                MBLightBrown 
These Two Procedues offer both Brow Techniques combined for a Shaded Brow . Both Are Microbladed stroke methods. Second one the client wanted a more whispy look with shading as well. 

Our Technique

Our technique of permanent makeup differs from the rest  it's called SOFTAP.  It's different in every way from safer to most natural, to hanf tool method to being less or not pain of most techniques too! We use all disposable materials and needles, and we use organic hypoallgenic pigments. The work will speak for itself because it will create a much more  natural look to your apprearance to the procedure and the pigments will be mixed  and cutomized for each individual customer .  

Our technique stands alone since there are not any handtool techniques out there that can achieve this and safely and we also have the most natural results you can find and with minimal pain.  We use medical grade topical anestetics only that will surprise you on minimal the pain is during the procedure and will aid our technique so the pain tolerance is about the same as getting your brows waxed or less. Some procedures will need more numb time than others but compared to a tattoos gun or machine this procedure is completley non invasive. Some of our clients have it done on a lunch hour so its fine to go back to work . This is since there is not swelling involved in brows and minimal redness if any only for about after the procedure if that.

Softap is considered a tattoo and will be implanted with our handtool needles under the dermis. Even though its permenant and Will last 2-6 years on most clients until they need it touched up.


MICROBLADING Brow Building. SEMI Permanent Eyebrows


How does microblading work to fill the brow?
"Microblading is a form of permanent makeup, also known as cosmetic tattooing. It is a manual method using a hand tool and very fine needles. High-quality pigments are deposited underneath the top layer of the skin in such a way that it mimics actual hairs. It is a highly artistic technique, and a masterful artist will match the growth of the natural hairs of each client."It general lasts 12-18 months after the intital 30 day touch up.
                               How does it compare to permanent makeup tattooing?


Microblading uses a hand tool as well as our permanent makeup Sofatp technique does  , The difference is Microblading still is not implanted in the dermis layer of the skin but the epidermis making it easier to get exact  hair strokes in the skin crisper and looking so fine as real hair. With this we use of much more concentrated pigments to make the strokes stay in the skin.  Microblading is considered semi-permanent because as the skin exfoliates, it takes the pigment with the exfoliated cells over a length of time like fillers would or other semi permanent procedures on the face. Some even though it doesnt last as long as tradtional permanent makeup still opt to have this technique since it looks so natural like it's not even been done at all or had any prdocedure done. This is the beauty of microblading.

How long do the results last? How often do clients need touch ups? 

"The results last anywhere from six months to two years, depending on how well the clients cares for their brows, and quality of the skin. Clients will need a touch up every six months to a year, depending on care and skin quality."

Price is $450 with a perfecting session service included after  4 weeks healed. If  a touch up is needed after 6-12 months only it would be $250 and touchup pacckages are available. We recommend to keep your investment going and have your microblading touchups when its needed so they dont fade out completely. Remember this is semi permanent placed in the epidermis of the skin so this will fade out depnding on the clients skin overtime  so best to keep it fresh !

THERE ARE a couple types of good candidates for Microblading. Unlike the top photo where the client needed a full microbladed brow building to fill there brows this client below only needed the strokes placed where she needed it since she had a full brow . the one person not a good candidate for sure would be someone with previous not faded out permanent makeup in the brows already esp done with a tattoo gun method or tattoo inks used previously.

This pic will give you an idea of the what your brows will look like during the healing process 


This procedure would be best on virgin skin works best or someone that had only had microblading before .

We placed hairs where they were needed to be without making this client thicker for brow enhancement. This is  healed in picture after her second touch up on microbalding. 

              20160929_153322 20160929_162520

Men are not exluded from this procedure they too need some strokes in there brows eso due to scars or hair falling out over the years they loose there shape. Microblading is a great way to make the most natural results in men.

             malebrowspmflyerCAPS copy (1)


This Procedure can add fullness and definition to thin or sparse eyebrows. Permanent eyebrows frame your eyes and lend expression to your face. Those with alopecia are grateful for this "face defining" procedure. This technique gives you the powder brows and can be done alone or with Microblading strokes in the touch up for a ombre look brow look.


This pic below is a brow before and after with a powder brow fill with sofatp . We also placed some hair strokes with Softap as well where needed for a 3D efffect.   This is healed in not immediatley after so during the healing process it will lighten up about 30% and change to a soft powder with a full brow appearance.                                                                         FB_IMG_1493312982618                                                     

                      Softap Eyebrow procedure , what can you expect?




Expect them to be darker for thr for 5-7 days. Whether your doing softap brows, microblading or eyeliner, etc the tattoo is sometime very dark initially depending on color used till the exfoliating part takes place 5-7 days. Normally the color  will settle in to about 30% lighter when healed some time sooner.  If its your first visit and it lightens up a bit too much thats why we do the perfecting session 30 days later so any adjustments can be made at the time. Darker color or adjustment of shape etc. This is  included in the intial price usually at most locations. 

This Client has a darker brown this is before and after same day, when healed has an even more natural effect!











           before   after

        This is a light Goldlish brown for Blonde Clients. Light powder when healed in.


                   THIS Frame shows before, right after, two week healed , fully healed 30 days.V__46F7

                                                EYELINER                                               Permanent eyeliner can be someone dream  and there eyeliner won't smidge or melt off anymoore. Clients can choose  a darker, more defined effect to something thinner and less bold too. With this procedure, you always wake up looking your best. This is the perfect answer for those with allergies, contacts, movement, eye problems, or simply to save time. Top can be done alone and or bottom alone or both together like pic below.

This client is my most popular request at the moment. Suttle but makes the eyes pop !






























This is the Softap Inc Brochure images to shop the Variety of shapes nand sizes avaiable and colors before and after with some healed., We also draw the outline on first so this is succtomized to your needs before we start any procedure.

Eyeliner2_03 Eyeliner2_05

Eyeliner2_08 Eyeliner2_10

Eyeliner2_13 Eyeliner2_15



Please email us for more before and after pics too!

Scan_20170913 (3) Scan_20170913 (2)


Permanent lips can give more fullness and definition to the mouth, as well as correct an uneven lipline. It can even minimize the appearance of wrinkles. Pigment can create a natural tone or a more visible color.

For more information on Permanent Cosmetics click here.

     pinkBIOPICAbout the Artist Kathleen Wright

Kathleen Has been doing permanent makeup since 2002. She is certified in the Softap Method and has used only hand tools ever since. She added the Microblading/Stroking technique in 2015 to her services for eyebrows and does permenent cosmetics using the Softap tools including, brows, eyeliners, lips, etc.

Kathleen started working in in New York City area first and traveled all over the US and globally for Private clients. She now works primarily in the South Florida area but does still service the North East in Season. 

Over the years she Kathleen worked and continues to do so from Medical offices , spas, salons etc and she has a location most likely to accomidate you in your area.  Exteremly experienced in the field doing thousands of clients,  she still continues yearly if not more taking continued educaction in the field and attending the industries trade shows for classes, sourcing the best pigements and learning from the best in the biz. Shw chooses only to use the hand tools since they are dispoable, safest in the business, most natural and her clients love how its virtually pain free.  The freehand way is always the way to go!